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(Last Updated On: January 4, 2018)

In a way, Instagram hashtags are becoming a part of our culture, don’t you agree? With more than 800 million monthly users, this social platform focuses on providing a mean to advertise your business, brand, or a hobby. All of which wouldn’t be possible without hashtags. Whether you use them to organize your own photo or video gallery or to find relevant content to your own, you’ll need to know how to actually use them. And the good news is that you’re in the right place to find out how to successfully use hashtags to get better engagement.

Did you Try With User-Generated Content?

To use this strategy that guarantees improved audience reach and sale increase, you’ll need to know what it is. So what is a user-generated content, exactly?

There are thousands of users that provide quality content to their followers. When some of this quality content reaches important businesses, the user advertising their product gets a chance to meet the company that owns that brand’s copyright. This is beneficial for both parties. While a common Instagrammer gets noticed by a brand, you as a brand benefit by getting a free advertisement of your product. This is exactly how you can increase your sales and get more traffic. By implementing user-generated content to your existing strategy, you’ll be reaching out to your targeted audience. At the same time, you won’t spend a dime on advertisement.


And all of this wouldn’t be possible without a proper use of hashtags as this way, most Instagram followers in your list will know where to look for quality content that features your brand. Because your brand is being advertised by the actual consumer and not a company, your audience will consist of an enviable percentage of potential buyers.

Use Relevant Keywords

You’re probably thinking how are keywords relevant to hashtags? Well, hashtags are keywords in a way. They allow an easy method of finding the content that you need on this ultra-popular social platform. So before you can advertise your content, you’ll need to find adequate keywords that will match your perfect hashtag. Start by typing something relevant to your product or service. As a result, you’ll get a list of suggested hashtags that consist that word or are relevant to it.  The goal here is to pick the ones that best describe your business or content on your profile. This way, Instagrammers will be able to find you in a matter of seconds. By simply typing a term to which your business is related to, they’ll get the hashtags that feature this type of content.


So find the right keywords and you’ll get your perfect hashtags. It’s as easy as that! Always remember to think from a common Instagrammer’s perspective that is searching for your content. What would be the best way to find your content? Which words would they use? These questions will help in the process of linking proper hashtags to your product.

Community Hashtags Matter

When thinking of a mean to advertise on Instagram using hashtags, your best guess probably won’t be community hashtags. Although using community hashtags you won’t get to your targeted audience, you will get exposure to your work. If you’re just starting a business and want to advertise via Instagram you might want to consider using community hashtags. By adding these hashtags to your posted content you’ll increase the chances of exposure and possibly get noticed by investors.


Simply search for the most common hashtags related to your content and add them to your posts as well. They will get you a portion of an audience that might not be as interested in your work as you thought but they will advertise your work in a way.

Avoid Competitive Hashtags

When trying to find the best Instagram hashtag for your content, it’s also important to avoid those that your competition would use. This is of course only if you’re to avoid targeting the same audience that your competition targets. So before you can successfully use hashtags you’ll need to monitor your competition as well. Find out what hashtags they are using and which audience they are targeting. Once you find content related to the hashtags your competition uses, you’ll have two options. Either create content of better quality which will eventually steal their audience, or simply avoid using those hashtags.


The second scenario might sound more appealing at first but bear in mind that there is a limited number of quality hashtags on Instagram. If you choose to allow your competition to dictate which hashtags you’ll use, you will eventually run out of quality hashtags. However, limiting this number to a bare minimum will provide a percentage of the audience that will advertise only your content instead of your competition’s as well. This strategy guarantees successful use of hashtags, as your competition won’t have access to the same audience you’re targeting. Furthermore, the number of Instagrammers you’ll reach with this technique will be much higher than with any other.

To Conclude

Implementing all of the above-mentioned tips when creating your own marketing strategy is the best course of action that you could take. The successful use of Instagram hashtags doesn’t mean that you should attach random popular hashtags to your content and expect the best results in terms of engagement. It takes more than a couple of clicks to get your content on the news page of your targeted audience. Therefore study these strategies or create one of your own. Whatever the case may be, keep in mind that only by implementing one or more of these tips will result in successful use of Instagram hashtags.

Being that the number of monthly Instagram will surpass six figures in near future, it’s important to adapt to the growth of this amazing social platform and plan ahead accordingly. Without implementing these strategies, your use of Instagram would come down to that of a common mundane user, that many consider being a free mean of advertisement.

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