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(Last Updated On: September 6, 2017)

Social networks are at their all-time high. We have so many to choose from, and they all function differently as they are made with a particular age group in mind. We do agree that everyone can use every social media platform but let’s get real, how often will you see your grandma using filters on Instagram or posting on the vine and similar situations. Since the beginning, the social media platforms have been aiming to offer the best possible service to their users for free while at the same time still being able to provide a considerable platform for all advertisers. This has created a strange behavior where most of the users can make their account attractive in the same way a business promoting their product online can.

While this is bad in some cases as some people don’t want to put in the work to get their account famous, others find this as a refreshing opportunity to see the fruits of their labor as they invest time into making their account more visible than others. Interaction is important for every social media platform as well as its users if you want your followers to know what you are doing than the platform needs to give you the tools to show off. Whenever somebody talks about the best social media platform, it’s hard to not acknowledge that the app known as Instagram is dominating the market and will be doing so in the foreseeable future.

If you have decided to make a profile on the Instagram app, you should be aware of the benefits that you can get on this platform. With just a little bit of time and tweaks you can have your follower count rise faster, and with that have greater interaction with your followers. Here are our 10 tips for greater interaction with your followers:

taking photos

1. Choose a style and stick with it

Since Instagram is home to millions of users, you have to find what you are good at and stick with it or else you will just be another profile that has random things posted. While it’s not hard to upload content, it is very hard to get a certain following if you don’t follow a dedicated path. If you want your followers to be amazed by your content and if you want them to stick around than you have to give them the same niche content they came here to see in the first place.

2. Post as much as you can

There is such a thing as over posting but let’s not get ahead of ourselves. When your account is fresh, you should be posting as much as you can. Several times per day is not a lot in the beginning, but as you grow bigger, you can slow down to one post or two per day. Just make sure you work hard in the beginning so you can relax in the later stages.

3. Figure out when most of your followers are online

Another thing that is bound with the number of your posts is the timing of your posts. If you can post something when most of your demographic is online, you will get more favorites and comments. While on the other hand if you post when they are sleeping there is a big chance that your post will get buried.

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4. Re posting can be good

While nobody likes a spammer, when you get an individual picture more popular than the rest, it’s good to re-post it from time to time. For instance, a good quote can get you tons of traffic, and even more followers. If you re-post it let’s say during a Sunday when people love to relax and browse the social platforms for some entertainment, you will get tons of traffic and even more followers which are only good for you.

5. Use hashtags

In this digital age, everything has its category where it belongs to. If you as a user love something you will probably search for it online, imagine that every follower does the same, so you have to properly label your content. Using hashtags will help you and your content reach further audiences.

6. Link your platforms

Literal posting of links on Instagram is not available at this moment, but that does not mean we can’t do it. If you post something, you can always use the name bar to link your other social media platforms like Facebook or twitter, and here you can even link your YouTube or website. Make sure to include them in as many pictures as you can so your followers can branch out and find you everywhere.

linking other platforms

7. Have your followers participate

There is a thing called a call-to-action that engages your followers to do something. This has been proven to not only increase the interaction between the poster and his followers but also to do lots of good in the world. Be the kind of person that can make a change.

8. Use Instagram stories

Instagram stories are a new thing that lets you create your own mini series of events. Use this function and make your followers become your audience as they listen to your daily stories that can turn into full-time blogs.

9. Be the manager of a community

The more people start following you, the faster you will become a small community. As the main reason behind all these people, you have to become a manager that can guide and help your community. Take charge and be friendly at the same time as you encourage friendly behavior from your followers.


10. Filters

There are tons of filters that you can choose from for every occasion and every picture. Mix them up and use certain filters for certain situations. For instance, if you want to post something sad use a black and white filter, if you want to post something fun and inspiring use a filter that has more vibrant colors, so your followers know what going down before they even see the full picture.

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