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(Last Updated On: April 4, 2017)

To have a successful and popular Instagram account, you have to put some time and effort into it. Attracting new followers and maintaining the follower base you already have is very important if you want to be successful. We will provide you with the most important pieces of advice that will help you style your Instagram and attract followers.

Perfect lighting

When taking a picture no matter what kind, selfie or a regular the most important thing to look for is to have a good lighting. Having a natural light is the best option because it adds a certain warmth to the picture and makes it look perfect. If you are taking the picture at night when there is no natural light, having a bright white light is the best solution. One more thing to look out for is the angle the light is coming. Make sure it’s coming from above you.

Editing your photos similarly

When you figure out what kind of photos your audience likes, it’s crucial you stick to that. From then on try to edit your new pictures similarly to that. When editing, make sure you adjust everything you can. Adjusting the Brightness is good when you have a picture that is too dark or too white. The contrast of colours is crucial.


The warmth of the picture can sometimes be a problem when pictures turn out yellow, by reducing the warmth you can get a whiter look. Shadows can help your picture a lot, darkening the corners or edges of an object can bring out the details. When using a sharpening tool you need to be careful it can quickly ruin all the work you put in so far. If done right it can result in a clear and crisp finish.

Use a good strategy

Having a strategy when comes to posting new pictures is highly important. Before posting a new one, first take a look at your last one or two pictures. Make sure the one you are about to post is not entirely different than those two. They need to have a connection between them. Having a healthy balance among all of the pictures is crucial. Look at the colours that you used in your last post try somehow to match them.

You don’t want one picture to stand out because if someone would look at your profile they would see a mess. Having a “clean” profile always helps to attract new followers so try and use some pattern that will make your profile look nice. If you have some pictures that you posted before and you see that they don’t belong with the others, the smartest thing is to delete them.

Being Consistent

To have a healthy and successful Instagram page, you need to be consistent. Posting a picture once a week or less is something you don’t want to do. To maintain the audience you have to post regularly. If not every day at least every two days is crucial. The more people see your post, the better; they might share a picture or tag some of their friends and that way you can get more instagram followers.

Be active and show some love to others

One of the easiest ways you can gain new followers is by being active. That means you need to take some of your time and like other people posts. Target accounts that have smaller follower base because they are more likely to follow you than the ones with a big audience. Commenting on a picture is a great way to get someone’s attention. It almost guarantees you that the person will take a look at your profile and maybe even follow you.

That depends from person to person if they like the style that you are posting. That’s why it’s important that the style you picked is targeting a big audience. Most importantly don’t forget about the comments you have on your pictures. Always respond in a way to make them feel happy and loved. By doing that you are making sure they will be more interested in your content.

Follow the trend

A great way to build up a community is using a lot of hashtags. That way, people are more likely to find out about your profile. By using a lot of hashtags, you can target different types of people that have similar interests. Always look up the hashtags that are most popular at the time, to make sure that your content gets noticed. Don’t forget to create your hashtag.

Be creative think of something that is never used before. When you have created your own hashtag try to convince your audience to use it on their photos. This can help you build up your own community, make the content unique and stand out from others.

Use other social media to gain followers


If you are more popular on some other social media site like Facebook, Twitter or have a personal blog, you are in luck. Asking the audience from those sources can benefit you greatly. Don’t be afraid to ask them; they are following you for a reason. Tweet out or post a picture on Facebook from Instagram and add a little note to follow you. Don’t forget to link your Instagram account to other social networks. You will get more followers from that than any other way.

Collaborate with popular users

If you have a friend that is very popular ask him/her to give you a shout out on their account. It can be done simply by posting one of your pictures and having a link to your account in the description or just tagging you.

We hope that these quick few pieces of advice have been useful. Never forget that being consistent is an important part if you want to succeed. Creating an Instagram feed that is beautiful is not hard, but you need to invest some time and effort into it, do not give up easily.

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