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(Last Updated On: April 4, 2017)

You know how the say goes: “A picture is worth a thousand words.” If we take in consideration that roughly some 90{311c9009161c6ceb35384cd28e96a2cb3caf355fd8ff6841f980163907e69a20} of information transmitted to the brain is visual, and that these visuals are processed some 60,000 times faster in the brain than “plain” text, it is easy to understand what an amazing impact pictures, photos, graphics, cartoons and similar have on us on a daily basis, without us even noticing it. As life gets faster and faster by every minute, new technologies bring us new opportunities and possibilities when it comes to transport, food, basically every aspect of (modern) life, with communicating and entertainment included.


In the era of smartphones, notebooks and notepads you need to try your best to keep your clients’/ users’/ audience’s attention, whether you are the developer of a certain website/ app or simply another user of the same. Delivering new practice and customs can be almost “painful” – just remember how hard was it to figure out how to use a mobile phone for the first time after using landlines for literally decades, and then to use your new phone after you got used to your previous one.

Another example- getting rid of your MySpace profile was probably quite an emotional rollercoaster when Facebook got introduced to you, right? In order to stay on top of the tops when it comes to communication technology, you need to bring your “A game” to the table and some of the social media we have today mean serious business at doing so… and using visuals to achieve this is the fastest proven way to do it.

Social Media is taking over the world

God knows how hard I have tried not to give in to new trends and to nurture the traditional ways of communicating and socializing, such as inviting someone over for a hot cup of good old Earl Grey. But alas, nowadays, if you don’t fit in and download an app or two, you miss out a lot (of fun) and life goes by. Finally, I ended up – at least – trying all of them and even became a proud owner of a couple of them, with Instagram and Snapchat being my absolute favorites so far.

As you know, both platforms are used for sharing pictures and short videos with your followers and with those who are not. However, there are a couple of differences between the two – so which one is better for your personal or your business’ needs? Let’s make a “comparative study” and find out.

Image pros and cons

First of all – uploading and altering your photos. If you want to take a nice picture, to capture a memorable moment, or simply store photos – Instagram, launched in 2010, is the one you want to go with. In addition to only having your photos in one place, it also allows you to adjust a number of settings, such as alignment, brightness, contrast, highlights, saturation, shadows, sharpness, structure, and warmth.


The initial release of Instagram’s equally famous baby brother, Snapchat, happened in September 2011. And while it comes with similar features such as sending and receiving images, uploading them and sharing them with your friends or the rest of the world, it also comes with an unexpected twist – once viewers open your Snap (the multimedia message created via Snapchat), they only have 10 seconds to view it (if it’s a picture), or the duration of the video (in case of a video obviously), before it automatically deletes itself.

As it works on the “now you see me, now you don’t” principle, it’s more than obvious that you can forget about Snapchat being your backup Cloud storage. Of course, you can always take a screenshot of a Snap, but in that case the sender gets notified, and you will probably have some explaining to do.

Along with the already mentioned filters, you can also use various options called “lenses” to upgrade your photos – maybe you have always wondered how good would that wig with those glasses look on you, or you always wanted bigger eyes or blonde hair, or you just want to have some fun and alter yourself into a Woodstock hippie girl, a panda, a dog – if you can think of it, Snapchat probably has the option to do it for you.

Expanding your business/marketing purposes

So that’s what you need to know if you plan to use your future app for storing images and for fun. However, if you need an app for ‘more serious stuff’, let’s say you run a business and want to do some proper modern – day marketing, you will most likely be interested in other things, such as the popularity and the number of users these apps have. After all, your brand’s popularity will heavily depend on the number of free followers and likes, as well as comments you will get.


As of 2015, Snapchat has its own Ad platform, and with a roughly estimated number of 100 million (some even indicate 200 million!) users daily, 400 million Snaps sent every day and only 1{311c9009161c6ceb35384cd28e96a2cb3caf355fd8ff6841f980163907e69a20} of advertisers using the app for marketing purposes, you have more than enough space to expand your brand and make profit. Another thing worth mentioning is the fact that the app is mostly used in the population between the age of 13 – 24.

Instagram gave us the opportunity to create profiles and accounts that will reflect our lifestyle, preferences, products and services. It is an ideal tool to reach wider audiences and share with people what you have to offer. Using hashtags made the process of image searching and browsing a piece of cake, and it is also commonly used by companies to various organize contests in order to draw the attention of potential future users.

Think about rewarding your followers for looking at your pictures and reading the descriptions – some of the options include promo codes, discounts or the above mentioned contests. By the way, in June 2016 the app had reached 500 million monthly active users.

The Verdict

This is only a small portion of the app comparison between these two rivals. Depending on your needs, both of them can be the ‘best option’ for you. And even though I said something in the lines of liking them equally, I lied a bit… Instagram wins my heart, after all.

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