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(Last Updated On: May 4, 2017)

Instagram is all about posting beautiful photos of stunning scenery and gorgeous models right? However, knowing what makes an ideal post in only the first step in creating something that will attract followers and encourage them to interact. There are other elements in this process that makes posting successful.

Learning how to become a professional photographer will take you only so far in terms of promoting your work on Instagram. To use the full potential of this social network you’ll need to possess some basic knowledge in advertisement, brand placements and marketing.



Alongside with this it’s important to realize how useful hashtags can be on Instagram. They are the quintessential elements of every successful post.To effectively use hashtags you’ll first need to cover some basic topics that will include:

  • Creating a unique topic.
  • Associating the right hashtags with your chosen topic.
  • Expanding your reach.
  • Scheduling your hashtag usage.

Start with a unique idea

A good photographer knows how to evoke an emotion from his audience through his work. And what better way to invite people to interact with your posts than with a beautiful photo. But even before you start creating compelling content, you need to pick a topic on which you’re going to focus your work.

To use specific popular hashtags you’ll need something relevant to attach it to. By sticking to a specific topic, like nature or architecture, you give your audience something that they can rely on your to deliver every time they visit your account.

Picking the right one

Now that you’ve got a topic that you can focus on and use your photography skills to present your idea, it’s time to choose the right hashtags. Depending on what you’re trying to present you may choose from variety of popular hashtags.

If your work is focused on presenting the best landscapes then try using: #landskapephotography, #landscapelover, #landscape_caprures, #landscape_hunter, #landscape_specialist, #landscapeporn, #getlost or any other from this group of hashtags.



There are tons of related hashtags that you can use for your niche. What’s important that you don’t add a hashtag that doesn’t relate to your post in any way. This is a beginner’s mistake, and we’re here to remind you not to make it.

Trying to make a name for yourself taking stunning photos of animals, nature or wildlife in general? Try these hashtags as they’ll describe your work most accurately: #animal_captures, #animals_in_world, #animal_fanatics, #wildlife_photos, #animal_sultans, #wildlifeaddicts, #natgeopl, #natgeoru, #wildlifeperfection, etc.

If you’re using Instagram for a while now, you’ve probably noticed that every niche has a bunch of related hashtags. By using these specific hashtags, your work will be added to a public collection of photos related to that topic. So before you even start editing your photos look for hashtags that you’ll add to your description.

Expand your reach

Hashtags allow you to expand your reach much further that you’d be able without them. They make your work easily accessible for your followers and others. If you have a public profile, as you should if you’re trying to make a name for yourself, by using the right hashtags you’ll expand your reach exponentially with each post.

Imagine using Instagram without hashtags. You wouldn’t get much interaction on your posts, and your reach would be within the borders of people that you know. It’s important to understand how hashtags work, before you even start adding them in your posts.

By knowing exactly how they can boost your reach you’ll be able to use them better. This way anyone can easily increase the number of Instagram followers. Now that you’ve covered the basics of hashtag use, you can continue to next step.

Posting routine

When do you think that it’s ideal to post on Instagram? Usually, posting during the morning hours brings most interaction. But what about posting with hashtags? Knowing the limit for using hashtags is equally important as knowing which ones to use.

No one want’s to see posts overcrowded with hashtags to that extent that they need to expand the description to view them all. This being said, you should pay attention to the amount of hashtags that you use to accessorize your posts during the morning hours.



Be subtle about it and don’t use more than ten hashtags if your morning routine involves posting more than two photos. By overcrowding your every post with hashtags they will lose their purpose. Be strategic about accessorizing your posts with your best hashtags.

For example, if you post two or more photos before afternoon using relatively popular hashtags, you should post the rest of your photos using the most popular hashtags during the afternoon. This way you’ll get most of the attention as well as interaction from your followers. It will also allow you to get the attention of Instagrammers that aren’t in your follower list yet.


We’ve established some ground rules for using hashtags that involve relating them to your topic, posting schedule and keeping the best for last. We’ve also mentioned that photography skills alone won’t necessarily make you the most popular Instagrammer.

The key to success is using all of the above methods to boost your publicity, increase the reach of your posts, and add quality to your photos. Without using all tactics to improve your posts, you might be sharing your best photos without using the full potential of their quality.

So next time you’re about to start your photo session, think about what your followers want to see in your photos. More importantly, understand what you want to express with your photos. And lastly, don’t forget to create photographs that evoke emotions from your audience.

If you get all of those things right, you’ll increase your follower numbers with each post that your share. Instagram can be a great tool for promoting your work without spending a dime on advertisement, but only if you know how to use it correctly.

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