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(Last Updated On: June 27, 2017)

It’s no secret than many successful businesses and entrepreneurs became popular and achieved fame solely with Instagram. This social network became extremely popular due to its advertising potential. But what are you using Instagram for? There are several uses of this app, and each of them can enhance your social or business status.

However, if you’re trying to use Instagram for promoting your brand or business idea, there are a couple of things you should know before you start. Presuming that you never used this social network for other reasons than to socialize and become popular, let’s elaborate each step of setting up a business account as well as some important benefits that this type of account offers.

Setting up the account

The first thing that you should do is open your Google Play or App Store, depending on which mobile device you’re using, and search for the Instagram app. Once you’ve found it hit that download button. Within few short minutes, you’ll have it ready for use on your phone.


Setting up a business account is similar to setting up a regular account if you’ve never used this social network before. The only difference is that a business profile has a lot more details about you than the regular account. Start by selecting create a new account and by inputting your basic info.

Once you’re done, head to setting and click on set a business account. From there you canfill your company info section, name it, insert details about your company and much more. So once you’ve entered every single important information about your business profile, it’s time to learn the benefits of using one.

Elevating your status

With Instagram’s business account everyone will take your work seriously. No one expects to see mediocre photo content on a business account; this is why this is a perfect chance for you to elevate your status on Instagram and get the respect you deserve.

If you had trouble finding followers, now you can get real Instagram followers instantly as everyone will share your ideas and photos thus increasing your reach. There’s no better advertisement than this, where your work is your business card. Everywhere you go, you’ll be represented by your followers.

As an artist, you are what your followers think of you, or rather how they perceive your work. On the other side as a businessman on Instagram, you can always give directions on what your brand or image should stand for. That’s why hashtags and descriptions are very useful when promoting your own business.

Affiliation with major brands

Did you know that the more popular you become, the better the chances are that you affiliate your brand, business or even a single idea with a major brand that’s already popular? That’s right; you can always depend on Instagram and your followers to connect your work with some of the most famous brands and companies.


The more you expose your work, the better. As a young entrepreneur, your only option is to promote your work as much as you can. So start by creating a routine of daily posting, then once you’re popular enough, let your followers do this for you. Once you hit a number of approximately 5 thousand followers, you can sit back, relax and let them advertise your work.

However, to do that, you’ll need to dedicate both your time and effort in Instagram posting. Start by dropping a few pictures every day, and don’t forget to avoid overposting. There nothing more annoying than a fresh Instagrammer that doesn’t know the limit to posting on Instagram. No one likes to see their feed overcrowded with your posts. So post frequently but within reason.

Acceptance by others

Now that you’ve acquired an enviable amount of followers on Instagram, your work will get the respect that it deserves. Every single post that you’ve posted can be reposted and thus gain another portion of likes and comments. Interaction is important, that’s why you should always encourage your followers to comment, like and share your work.

Now that you’re accepted by other famous Instagrammers, you can hold contests without worrying whether they’ll be successful and accumulate interaction on your post.

Joining the Big League

Now that you’re popular enough and your work is advertising itself with the sheer quality of it and a little help from Instagram, you can officially join the big league and prepare for the next step. You’re already famous, but this doesn’t mean that every single major brand will accept your work and perceive it as interesting and unique.

You need to make the first step and introduce yourself. So start by directly posting on their feed, mentioning them and commenting on their most successful posts. Presuming that you already have them in your following list, you can do all of the above-mentioned steps within a single day.


So pick your favorite brands and start interacting with their posts. This will elevate your play even further and allow you to become even more popular and famous thus increasing your chance for prosperity.

Opportunity to create partnerships

Need partners for your next project? With Instagram business account this too is possible without investing money in an advertisement or by paying small contributions to the same brand’s accounts. Start by finding similar entrepreneurs to yourself and suggest a partnership. In business, you’re as successful as big is your contact list.

This means that the more you become connected with other major brands, the bigger the chance for your success will be. So go ahead, ask away and start sending those partnership proposals. You never know when a larger corporation might notice your ad and reply offering you their ideas and secrets in return for your won.

Naturally, if you hit the jackpot like that and someone really big answers your ad, you won’t have to lift a finger for the rest of your life as all of your financial problems will be solved.

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