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(Last Updated On: April 18, 2017)

Fashion trends spread so fast in this digital age. It is a well-known fact that beauty and Instagram go hand in hand. So many people turn to this image-based social network to show off their make-up skills. Over the years, it was the place where beauty trends first started. And also spread with an incredible speed thanks to people who are sharing them mutually.It is obvious that this will continue to happen in the future too.



Instagram is still the best place where people from all around the world can show off their make-up prowess and present their talent to the world. Much to the joy of so many fashion enthusiast followers. We have a list of some of the hottest beauty trends on Instagram for your reading pleasure. We hope that you will use some of these to create your own unique look.

No Makeup

Who would have thought that the all-natural look will spread like wildfire on Instagram? After all, there are so many makeup companies that sell beauty products for a “natural”appearance. And yet this zero makeup style focuses on having a healthy skin. We encourage our readers to start with this one first. Not only is it all the rave right know – it is also great for your health too. After all, your skin will appreciate the increase in care and it will look great without a single trace of makeup.

Nail polish out of this world

This is a perfect trend that will make you stand out from the crowd. Using a two-tone nail polish you can create a chrome and mirror-like effect that makes your nails look amazing. Just make sure to have a good nail shape before you start playing with colours. Currently, trending nail shapes include stiletto and almond ones.



There is no use in adding a great colour effect if your nails aren’t shaped accordingly. This combination of stiletto shape and chrome polish looks both attractive and unique. The #chromenails will surely turn some heads and leave your Instagram followers in awe.

Featherlike eyebrows

This one is really a fresh trend. Dare we say that it looks great too. While it may look unusual to some we find it to be imaginative and very creative. And as with all great Instagram trends, it has great odds to really catch on. The #featherbrow movement keeps on growing.

The goal is to create a unique feather-like appearance of your brows. Originally it was a joke and yet as with so many Instagram trends – more and more people took it seriously over time. Soon there were so many trying it out. As with all new trends, opinions were divided. Only time will tell if this one continues to spread across Instagram.

Strong eyebrows are back

This one can be seen as being controversial. After so many trends of thin, almost invisible, looking eyebrows now the accent is back on volume. This may not appeal to those of you with little eyebrow hair. Yet for those with thick and dense brows, this is a great way of doing something creative with them. The exaggerated look of brows is all the rage for quite some time on Instagram.



In order to achieve a good-looking shape and volume, you should first concentrate on the contours. You don’t want a bushy and wild look. In order to make them appear natural, you should shape them precisely. If you are unsure how to achieve this, we suggest that you visit a beauty salon first. A professional will make your #browgamestrong look seem natural and amazing. After that, you will know how to shape them yourself.

Glossy Eyelids

This beauty trend was so popular even before it first appeared on Instagram.Basically, it was globally acclaimed and eventually disappeared from sight but got resurrected with a #glossylids hashtag. When you want to be in the centre of attention then this is the right look for you. Eye contact is essential for good communication. You can imagine how strong of an impression you will leave on anyone that you converse with.

Even those simple glimpses will leave people intrigued. This is one of those comeback Instagram trends which is actually always fashionable. You can try combining colours in gradients until you get the perfect look that goes well with your eye colour. There are no limits to your creativity so perhaps using contrasting shades will make your eye colour stand out. Be imaginative and don’t spare the gloss.

Ombre lips

This one is the hottest lip makeup trend for 2017.We suggest looking into ombre hair and ombre nails while you’re at it too. By creating a darker edge on the outside of your lips and leaving the inner part in a lighter shade you achieve this beauty look. This is only true when you make the outer lip line thick with a stronger colour tone.



The inner part of the lips is left with a gentler shade which starts with a stronger tone outer section that gradually fades into the middle part. This makes for some amazing looking lips that will surely make you the centre of attention. The #ombrelips will surely impress your Instagram followers too.


These fashionable trends are both unique and very creative at the same time. Not only will they make you look amazing – they will also attract positive attention wherever you go. Just by looking at the hashtag statistics we notice how these trends are spreading like wildfire on Instagram.They will surely attract attention from both your regular and even bring some more free followers to your profile too.

We suggest that you let your imagination free.Do not be afraid to experiment with different colour tones and shapes. This way you will surely design a unique look that will be completely fresh. Even by using well-known trends you can still make something new and original. That is why it is important to be yourself. Who knows, perhaps the next Instagram trend will start with you.

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