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(Last Updated On: April 4, 2017)

Promoting art on Instagram is becoming increasingly popular with each day. Every single artist that’s into digital, or any form of art tends to promote work by using this social network. And this type of self-promotion is accepted if not encouraged by other Instagrammers and by the network creators as well.

But how does it affect the actual art market? Surely, this type of promoting one’s work must have effects on the current state on the market. It’s only logical that once one method becomes more efficient in providing results, all other become secondary and outdated. Here is what we know so far about the art market and how Instagram is affecting it with its services.

The artistic side in all of us

By making it easier to promote, and let people hear of your work, Instagram is contributing to the increase in numbers of active artists. An active artist is considered by every creative person who has something to offer on a relatively regular basis.



Another approach to promoting your work is upgrading your Instagram profile and increasing the count of your followers with Instagram followers app. The fact that these apps work, doesn’t mean that they all of them are reliable and that they can be applied to any business strategy. But again, people are free to do as they please on their own risk.

Is art becoming more accessible?

With increased numbers of artists popping up on Instagram, the amount of actual artwork is boosted as well, which is only logical. But what this does to art market is that it’s making the art more available and easier for buyers to find what they need. Sometimes it’s not the quality of one’s work that makes the sale, but the style of artists, the expressed feeling and evoked emotion in the observer.

This is why it’s important to have as much as possible free artists encouraged to create on a daily basis and work on improving their particular style. However, there is a downside of this expansion of artists and Instagram accounts of this type. That is a significant price drop of artworks. Those who are new to art will usually offer their services at a lowered price than regular. But why would they do this?

Well, knowing that they lack the experience of professional artists, as well as that their art is of lower quality, they will reduce the price to keep their customers coming. And this creates a problem for others who already achieved a status of recognized artist. Because now, they have a competition that offers relatively same services for a significantly lowered price. They are basically lowering the bar for others.

Virtual galeries and contemporary art

Nowadays it is much easier to promote services that we have to offer in exchange for financial gain, and there is no two way about it. The Internet has offered us means virtually unobtainable before in terms of self-promotion. Before Instagram became a marketing tool for artist and art enthusiasts alike, galleries had a clear purpose.

Potential customers and people that appreciated art would gather, and discuss new and popular art styles that are becoming contemporary art. This way they were able to contribute to art by sharing their opinion on certain artworks. Today, the game is different, and as galleries change their form into a virtual one and observers and potential customers have a chance to add comments almost anonymously.



And this is where their role of participants that are somewhat shaping the world of art loses its purpose. If you make a statement, you tend to stand behind those words, right? Well with modern art and new ways of promoting it, constructive criticism is losing its purpose only because of people that comment, hide behind their virtual alter egos. This way, everyone can represent themselves as an expert on art or any other topic in general.

Posting a statement online takes a lot less courage than saying it in front of a bunch of people that actually have extensive knowledge on the topic. And although not everyone pays attention to such comments, especially people that know what they’re talking about, a portion of this audience takes these false opinions for granted. Not only that, but they form their own opinions based on a bunch of misinformation that they had heard.

Make believe artists

We are all in need of praise on our work from time to time, and generally, desire to be accepted by others. Becoming popular is nowadays defined by a sheer amount of followers on social networks. So once people have enough followers on Instagram, they consider themselves a successful person, who’s accepted by this online community. And this is fine, as we are all trying to find means to prove that we’re leading a fulfilled and meaningful life. Whatever works right?

But what can be perceived as a problem is that those ‘popular’ accounts on Instagram tend to use this audience to promote their work, with great success, that would otherwise be considered as mediocre. Due to their popularity, their rendered services are not only getting attention but also directly affecting the art market. And this is where we return to the topic of contemporary art and how it can be falsely perceived.

Everyone is allowed to create and express themselves through their work, right? However, when that same group of people has a significant amount of followers that appreciate their work, what they’re doing by providing their services online is changing the definition of what art is. Only because someone is popular on Instagram shouldn’t act as a guarantee that everything they release, regarding artwork, will achieve success.



Imagine that a particular Instagrammer gained fame by promoting sports brands. Then once the follower count reaches a certain height, and they become popular, this Instagrammer starts to promote their own art. Their artwork will sell, that’s a guarantee, but only due to the fact that they are popular rather because their work has some quality in it. Ask yourself how this is fair to other artists.

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