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(Last Updated On: April 4, 2017)

Today everyone uses social media to stay in touch with people around them. With so many to choose from, people try to put the most effort into the ones that can give them exactly what they want.

If we are talking about which one of the social media platforms will give you the most exposure and make you famous than we can certainly say that Instagram will give you the biggest chance to succeed in that task. But how does one become famous on Instagram you might wonder.



Well, we will try and provide you with some of the most common traits famous Instagram people use and how you can start implementing them into your account so you can become famous one day. We can’t guarantee this will make you famous, but we can guarantee that it will help you.

The bottom line when applying all of these methods will still be in you being able to interact with your followers and continually increase your popularity with your personality. Without further ado, here are our 5 tips on how you can become famous on Instagram.

1. Focus your content on a particular thing

When you create an Instagram account, don’t go all over the place with the content you upload. If you focus on something particular, over time, you will generate a follower base that will regularly come to your profile to comment on and share your content. Additionally, it will be easier for you as a creator to upload a certain niche on your profile as opposed to being all over the place.

Remember the internet has tons of thing already everyone if you do the same you will just be one more profile that has everything but is exceptional in nothing.

Choose something that you love and stick with it. In no time, flat, you will be gaining new followers that share the same mindset as you and will follow your content because they also love the same things you love.

The more you upload, the higher your quality will become over time, and the more followers you will gain over time. Just be patient, because in the end patient people get exactly what they want if they don’t give up along the way.

2. Create a personal relationship with your followers

When you start getting a few fans of your own, it’s critical to become active with them on your account as well as on their account. The thing when becoming friendly with people is that they usually start generating traction on your profile and as long as people are commenting and talking about the content you post; more people will engage in the conversation and add to the value of the posts that are being generated on your account.



You can have thousands of cool pictures uploaded, but if you don’t have people expressing their opinions and rating your content with words, you won’t be able to generate lots of new followers. For instance, if you made an excellent picture an animal in the forest, somebody will comment how that picture is beautiful, and someone will find something to argue about.

Both sides will then generate a conversation that others will join to take sides. As long as somebody has something to say and people start expressing their opinions about it, you will get more people to participate in the conversation, but to get to that level, you also have to spend quite some time on their accounts and leave your feedback.

3. Use all the tools Instagram gives you

When Instagram became an online social platform, users only had photographs as a tool to tell their story. Today it’s a different story altogether. Mainly because Instagram was bought by Facebook and they have implemented new tools to help the creators express what they want to say.

Namely today besides the photo function we can also use the video format, the stories function, the boomerang function, the Hyperlapse function, the hashtag function and many other functions. This also gives you additional ways to get more likes on Instagram which is a good thing.

The way Instagram has implemented new features is excellent for its user base because now people with different ideas are not restricted to use just one way of exposure, but in fact, can use several at the same time, or just the one that they feel the most comfortable with.

The best part of all this is that since Instagram launched its new functions the user base of the app has grown over half a billion people. That is a billion more chances for you to become more famous.

4. Get creative with your clothes

If you are promoting yourself, then the next best thing you have to invest is in your clothes. Clothes make the man and women, so every time photos are done you have to look your best. Try to take down any photos that are taken of you where you don’t look your best.

If those pictures don’t look like the rest of the content on your profile that can stain your profile with stale and boring content. The more extravagant you look, the more people will want to look like you which will, in turn, generate more traction on your profile.



Another fun thing that you can do once you get a bit more famous is to get a sponsor for your clothing. You can either promote different brands on your profile for free, or a company can pay to get their products advertised. Your choice.

5. Follow the trends and keep those hashtags alive

Today there are thousands of different things happening in the world. What you need to be updated on are the trends that concern your niche. If you are focused on politics than everything that has to do with politics needs to be seen on your profile.

If your niche is about food than you need to have the best and newest cooking recipes on your profile. Additionally, the hashtags will keep your content trending and will be seen in more places. The hashtags are responsible for approximately 30{311c9009161c6ceb35384cd28e96a2cb3caf355fd8ff6841f980163907e69a20} more visits to your profile from new users, so don’t forget to use the correct hashtag on your content.

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