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(Last Updated On: April 4, 2017)

What is Instagram if not another mean to express feelings with posts and comments, or get praised with compliments by posting selfies? But none of that matters if you don’t have a good hashtag to describe the situation right?

So every time you have great content to post or think of something interesting to say you need an equally good hashtag, but the problem is that in most situations you don’t have it.

If you want to find out which hashtag goes with what topic and how to use them in general, scroll down and find out how hashtags can improve your posting on Instagram.


Having particular skills in culinary arts? Well if you are gifted and you manage to capture the most beautiful picture of your work, be sure to share it on Instagram. Using this hashtag pretty much covers the rule to keep it simple using hashtags.



It’s a hashtag that can be used for any food-based post, whether it’s your own idea, photo, video or an article on food that you found interesting and had to share. Whatever the reason for using this hashtag, make sure it’s related to food.


This one is pretty much self-explanatory. If you find a picture in your album of daily photos that separates itself from the rest, you should post it as the best photo of the day.

A good photographer knows that not every photo comes out great, sometimes it takes a whole photo session to get only a couple of top quality pictures.

The problem is not in the model, the surroundings or even lighting; sometimes it’s about catching that look between posing and acting completely natural. So if you do get your hands on one of these perfect photos, be sure to post it and use this hashtag.


This particular hashtag is used to describe the mood of the Instagrammer that’s posting. So whenever you have the urge to share how you feel inside at that particular time of the day, be sure to use this hashtag.

Not only that it’s extremely popular, but the whole idea of using this hashtag is to emphasize the feeling and categorize those pictures placing them in one place. Something like a virtual hall of fame of moody pictures.



Feeling nostalgic already? If you do happen to find yourself in this state and have a particular event that occurred in the past, use this hashtag and relive the moments.

As long the post that you’re sharing occurred on Thursday, any Thursday in that past will be fine, you can use this hashtag and summon the power of nostalgia to get a lot of Instagram fans in short period.


Have something important to say that can also be considered as a wise remark, or want to quote someone famous? Don’t forget to use #Wisdomwednesday hashtag if you’re posting the famous quote on a Wednesday.

Best used from 10 AM to 14 PM so that someone’s day can start with a wise saying.


No better way to get ready for the party and work on that before-the-weekend euphoria. As soon as Friday comes everybody thinks about one thing- where to go out and start their weekend.

If you have a suggestion that’s fun at the same time be sure to post it. Don’t forget to use this hashtag if you do post something fun weekend-related content.


Sometimes being direct is the only way to go, and when people see your favorite photo with this hashtag, they know what to expect from your future posts. Being that you’re particularly fond of a certain style of photography and that you’re shoving it with every post that you share, people will come back to your page.

Knowing that they can expect the same quality, consistency and fresh material every day you can gain a lot using this hashtag with your favorite pictures.



We all know this one as it has become a quite popular with people sharing controversial photo material. Whenever you have the need to say what’s on your mind; or post pictures whose content isn’t exactly complying with the rules of social acceptability, use this filter so that you give your followers a head’s up.


Having a busy start of the week? No matter if you’re working from home or from an office, #Manicmonday works for any workplace as long as it’s Monday when you’re posting.

Show what your version of constructive chaos is and make sure you add this hashtag, as pointing out your multitasking skills at work without using #Manicmonday is pretty much pointless.


Re-posting can be fun, but not if you aren’t using #regram hashtag. This particular hashtag makes every selfie that you re-post officially legit.

No one will be able to blame you for trying to get likes and people to interact with your favorite reposted photo if you use this hashtag. So to avoid becoming a target for internet bullying, be a responsible Instagrammer and use #regram when you repost something.


Visited country that you haven’t been to before and took some stunning pictures of architecture? This is the perfect opportunity to use #architecture hashtag for the first time if you haven’t done it before.



Make sure that the quality of the picture is worthy of using this hashtag, next to that there aren’t many rules for using this one. As long as there is a piece of building or anything that has to do with architecture on your photo, you’re clear to use the #architecture hashtag.


Here is something for your businessmen Instagrammers. Real estate business can be pretty lucrative if you have the knack for finding a premium real estate for clients that have money to afford it.

If you have a gallery of photos that you want to advertise on your Instagram account, be sure to use this hashtag and get real attention. Otherwise, you’ll be wasting a good real estate photo material.

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