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(Last Updated On: April 4, 2017)

Instagram is currently the number one social network for both individuals and brands looking to make an impression and become world renown. What differentiates Instagram from the competition is that it is seeing the most frequent daily user activity and is the go-to social network during any time of the day.

The statistics point out to the fact that people gain more followers and that the sharing process of both image and video content is vastly greater than on any other content sharing site. Instagram positioned itself as an easy going and an easy to use network which explains the huge increase in the number of users each month.

The trend of its growth doesn’t seem like it will be slowing down anytime soon. There are so many ways to further enhance your Instagram experience and even grow your insta followers in just a matter of few weeks and best of all they are easy to follow. Here we will share some tips that will change the way you use Instagram for the better.



Offering serious style upgrades to your photos, here is BLACK app available for iOS which will change your Instagram page into a true art collection. This easy to use app for your camera equipped devices will add a black and white filtering to your collection of photos and transform completely the way they look. There is a nice selection of filters to choose from and even a function that allows changing contrast and control over other aspects of the image.

Instatag iOS app is meant for those that want to use hashtags that will put their posts in the spotlight for other Instagram users to discover. It works by showing its users the hashtags that are currently most popular. Using the right hashtag is a proper way of achieving the success of your posts and gathering a lot of users’ interest. For Android users, the app that does the same is called Instag.

Another powerful tool is the Crowdfire application available for PC, iOS and Android running smart devices. It is a great help to anyone who is looking to achieve traffic on their Instagram page. With it you can check on your posts, the overall interest they get and even manage followers and people and pages you follow too. And all of that from the app itself.

Arranging your page and the content is among most important things to do on Instagram. Using the app called Layout from Instagram you can make your page stand out from the crowd. It allows you to choose your photos and arrange them into a unique layout and create an attractive space for your followers to admire. The app is available for iOS as well as for Android powered devices.



InstaSize is another app that will allow your creativity to shine. Available for iOS and Android, InstaSize app lets users create unique style videos and photos for their page. It combines a photo and video editor and is also a collage maker. This all in one app is perfect for helping users to create entirely unique photos and videos.

For all selfie lovers around the world may we suggest using Facetune app for getting the best out of your selfie snaps? This app will make your photos glow and shine and certainly attract plenty of compliments. This powerful app will let you modify your own look and touch up on all the details on your photos. It is available for both iOS and Android devices.

No list would be complete without Snapseed which is one of the most popular apps among Instagram users around the world. With its powerful editing functionality, it allows for some phenomenal image processing that will gather a bunch of attention. One of the best editing apps currently available on iOS and Android store.


For those looking to automate your Instagram posts in order to improve efficiency and follower reach, we present the Later app. It allows effortless planning and queuing posts before publishing and so it is a perfect choice for advertising and presenting your featured posts to your followers.

It will allow managing even multiple accounts and choosing the time to post both videos and pictures or any other sort of content to each account individually. A powerful Instagram page managing tool perfect for controlling multiple pages and connecting them for easier workflow. The Later app is available for both Android and iOS and via its online website as well.

For users looking for a perfect chatting tool, we suggest using the InstaMessage app instead of the traditional public comments section. This nifty app allows for convenient chats between users and followers and enables a direct and a more private way of communication.

It also features an easy to use interface from which users can browse and discover currently trending profiles using its integrated smart search engine. It is available on both iOS and Android smart devices.

Those of you who are seeking to improve your Instagram experience completely can turn to using the Grab for Instagram app. A perfect companion app that completely overhauls your usage and dramatically improves functionality and productivity on your favourite social network.


It enables you to skip to any parts of video posts, adds a download feature as well as Like and Unlike functionality to posts as well among plenty of other features. This feature packed app will forever change the way you share content and use Instagram. And we mean it as in the best way possible. You can get Grab for Instagram here for iOS and here for Android platform.

Using these tools will enable you to boost your popularity and attract much more attention to the content you share while also increasing the overall number of your current followers. It is only a matter of difference in months or mere weeks when you start to notice a dramatic change since the first time you started using them.

All of these applications are very easy to use and yet powerful enough, that with proper use of their functionality, the results will come quick and boost your Instagram page visibility by a huge margin.

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