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(Last Updated On: April 4, 2017)

Have you ever noticed how teenagers on Instagram use this social network to their advantage? Their posts may look like they are desperate for attention, but their techniques actually work. The proof for these assumptions of their success is the number of followers they have. So as you can imagine, there is a lot to learn from teenagers and their way of using Instagram to boost your follower numbers.

Which approach on attracting followers should be considered useful and which should be discarded?

There should be a warning when implementing their techniques, as it may completely change the way you look at Instagram.

Once you learn something and see it from a different perspective, there is no way to undo it. So if you are ready to use these seemingly underrated techniques or at least take them into consideration, you can continue reading this article.

Feel Free To Hashtag

Their posts are, without a doubt, what we call overcrowded with hashtags. Interesting enough, the number of followers that these posts attract is much higher than we though. It is true that a percentage of followers will simply “scroll by” next to these posts, but a lot of them are actually attracted like flies.


So how is this possible? It’s all about curiosity. Having more than five hashtags on your posts means that there is a chance you actually have something to state other than the obvious. Naturally, people that see your post will want to find out what is that secret message.

The most important thing to remember is to keep you hashtags short and unique. So there isn’t really a general rule that dictates how many hashtags you should put in order to make your posts look classy. If we’ve learned anything from teenagers on Instagram it’s that more hashtags equals huge following on Instagram.

Create Your Story

With the new feature that Instagram launched around the beginning of August, teenagers can post even more on a daily basis. Compiling a story by combining all of your posts into one is a great way to show what you’re all about. And it’s quite popular as well. Once again we can learn how teenagers do it, to attract more followers to your account.


The idea is to show several posts in one, right? But the catch is to edit every photo before you create a story. Teenagers do this often by adding simple-drawn symbols and text clouds to their photos. Try this seemingly childish technique and enhance every photo to create a unique story that will attract thousands of followers to your Instagram account.

Follow to Follow

You’ve probably tried this technique before or at least heard of it. The goal is to start following the accounts that you’ve interacted with before by liking their photos or posting a comment. But everything has a price and you should expect them to follow you back. The way teenagers do it is no different except for one small detail- they unfollow as soon as they figure out they’re not followed back.

This might seem childish but they get results from it. Once people start taking your follow-tofollow request seriously, you’ll get more followers to your account. Instagram users that didn’t follow you back will notice that you’ve unfollowed them and they’ll try to interact with your posts to get your attention again.

Use Apps and Add Effects to Your Photos

Instagram photo enhancing apps are extremely popular with teenagers. Every single photo that they post is edited to perfection before they post it online. And we can learn a lot from their dedication. Applications like Snapseed and Enlight are all-in-one programs that allow you to blend effects and photos together to create visually stunning posts.


Try them all and figure out which one suits you best as every single app is different. It takes time to find out what every app provides but once you do you’ll be using them more frequently.

The Number Matter

Pay close attention to your following/followed ratio. How many followers you have and how many users you are following shouldn’t be a close number. In fact, you should have more followers, than people that you are following. This shows that you respect other Instagram users, but you’ve earned your respect as well.

Teenagers are obsessed with this ratio, as they are monitoring these statistics on a daily basis. So keep track of who follows you and who you are following to get a better status on Instagram.

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