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(Last Updated On: May 18, 2017)

Nowadays Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms. First it was designed only for smartphones, however, later on, we could enjoy the online website version.

Unfortunately, that version didn’t have all the features and options which you have on your smartphone, therefore in order to use Instagram properly you have to have a smartphone otherwise you wouldn’t be able to upload a picture. Instagram is a social media platform became popular because of its unique design and idea.


This social media platform was a lot different than the other ones, it was and still is mainly a platform for uploading and sharing pictures with other people.

Just like with any other social media platform, Instagram had to implement some type of security measures that will keep their users safe. Here we will be talking about some of those privacy and security measures that can help you make your account much safer.

Private profile

One of the first safety measures that we recommend to everyone that is using Instagram is the option of having a private profile. This is the best way to be protected from unwanted and unfamiliar people.

There is no better security option for you because this option was developed very carefully and the developers were looking at every small detail and they created this perfect privacy option that is completely free and available to everyone.

How does it work and what is the purpose of it? Those are the two main questions that we get always about this option. That is usually happening when people are scared to use this option because they think they will lose their followers or something like that.

However, they are completely wrong, there is nothing bad happening to your account when you turn on this privacy option. The only thing that will change is your account for people that are not following you already.

The people that are already a part of your following base will not get affected by this change, in fact, they will never even realize that your profile is now set to private.


This option will make your profile closed to the people that are not following you. When they search for you, they will find your account, but they will not be able to see any of your posts or any of the information that you have on your account about yourself.

They will see only your username, the number of posts, number of followers and the number of people that you are following but they don’t have the ability to see who are you following or who is following you. All those information’s will be hidden from those people that are not following you.

The people that are following you or your Instagram fans will never be affected by this change. That is at least until they are following you, if they click on the unfollow button, they will be treated like any other people, they wouldn’t be able to see your information or your posts until they request to follow you again.

Best security option

This is truly the best security option that you have on Instagram. You will be controlling important things such as who is following you and who can see your posts. You are doing that simply by turning on the private account button in your Instagram settings.

From the point that you turn on this option, you will get notified if someone is requested to follow you. This way you will have the option to approve or dismiss their follow request.

The blocking system

A great way to get rid of unwanted people from your Instagram account is to simply block them. This should be very familiar to you if you had used some other social media platform before because usually this is implemented to all of them. That is because it is the best way to target one person, all your other followers will not be affected.

How it works, well it is quite simple to understand, let’s say that you have a follower that is spamming you all day with private messages or commenting on your pictures, the best way to target that one person is to block him.


By blocking someone, that person will not find your profile when searching let alone view or comment on it. That is the great thing about it, that he will not be able to follow you back or send a follow request until he is blocked. If you want to block someone, simply go to their profile, find the options button and there you will see the option block.

You will be asked are you sure that you want to block this person and you have to say yes if you want them blocked. Just like that, you have blocked that person and he will be blocked until you decide to unblock them.

Unblocking someone is also easy and quick process, you need to go to your profile options and find the button that says blocked users. Pressing that button, you will open up a new tab on which you will see all the people that you have blocked. Find the person that you want to unblock and next to their names you will see the unblock button.

Geotagging option

Another great way to secure yourself and your account are to turn off the geotagging option. The geotagging option is bad for one reason, and that is showing your exact location.


If you have used geotagging on your previous pictures, people will have the ability to see where were those pictures taken. That way it will be very easy for someone to locate you, especially if you are posting quite often.

To turn off this option, simply turn off the location option on your phone. That way the phone will not be able to determine your location and nothing will appear on the pictures as the location. We highly recommend this option for everyone that doesn’t want to get stalked by a stranger.

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