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(Last Updated On: April 4, 2017)

So many individuals are ushering themselves into that cozy feeling that Instagram will provide them with what their real life failed miserably and when it does not happen, the results are simply catastrophic. The worst thing is, people are totally assured that these new so called friends they meet on various social platforms are their actual sympathies and that they will have something in common with them and get connected without realizing that the fact that they do not know anything about them is a reason of their grand misunderstanding. A lot of Instagram followers are the victims of this sort to say hoax, but they are actually bringing it on themselves. Let us view the ten most prominent cases where Instagram will just ruin any chance of a relationship before you even get to that person face to face.

Instagram status

This entirely depends on how popular are the pictures of you two together. It is really simple actually. If they are not, he can’t be the one, simple as that.

Instagram stalking


This is a term for gathering all the information about the one that you are considering dating via Instagram so you will just go through the profile and get all the info that you can. Overliking the pictures of the one that you hold dearly is one of the things that you do not want to do for sure.

Models aka sluts

This includes checking if a person that captured your heart is following any slutty girls over an excuse that they are some kind of models, like fitness models, or a healthy life products model and so on. All guys on any media are following these so called models; it is just how things are, and it doesn’t mean a thing.

No likes on your pictures

Now, the fourth is the case when a person that you like is not paying attention to your recent activity aka he or she is not licking any of the content that you posted intentionally to get their attention. After all that effort to put on a perfect self-representing material, you get no likes which lead you to believe that something must be very wrong because it is just impossible not to like that picture!


All other likes are not important at all because this is that one key like that you need in order to say to yourself, yes he or she is the one. After a while and still, no likes, you start checking out that person’s profile to see whether he liked someone else’s picture.

Instagram comments and likes

The fifth one is called Instagram comments and likes. This is a situation when you get online and see that your prince charming or the one babe is liking and commenting on the pictures of aforementioned suspicious models, giving them compliments with a lot of heart emojis.

So, now you are in that situation that you start thinking about how cruel this world must be when this is happening only to you and no one else in the whole world, without even talking to that chosen person face to face ever in your life.

No together pictures

This is a perfect time to bring up the sixth case which would be when a chosen person isn’t posting any of the pics of you two together. Now this is where the real commotion starts. Things are still fresh between you two, you’ve been on a couple of dates, shared some time together but you want more.


All your friends are posting the so-called together pictures, and only you remain silent. This is when you are starting to think that your lover is sleeping with someone else and that is the reason for no together pictures at all. Due to all that overwhelming burden, you will write an essay about how you feel, naturally.

Lover is online but no texting back

The seventh case would be when your lover does not reply to your elder scroll essay where you have literally opened up your soul. This is where you realize that he or she is not appreciating the fact that you are giving all that attention and get nothing in return.

Of course, you can’t think rationally, so no normal explanations are acceptable at this point because you feel from the inside that something is wrong and your lover is not doing what lovers are supposed to do. Usually, this is when you realize that it’s actually over between you and him and in that moment you get a reply from that very same person!


Back in the days, people would talk to each other using the phone, but today, it is all different which leads us to the number nine case when the chivalry is in question. Nowadays, to get hooked up with someone, you use all those platforms like, Facebook, Skype, WhatsApp, Twitter and so on and it is so easy to get really lost with all those options and possibilities.


Before you even know it, you’re thinking that your lover is dating someone else because you didn’t get an answer on some dummy application. And then you get lost in translation about what that person wanted to say actually. 2016 sucks so hard!

Naughty screenshots

This is when you want to spice things up by sending some naughty pics and that almost never ends in the right way. In the worst case scenario, your nudity falls into completely wrong hands, and all hope is lost.

Dating applications

This is where we reach the tenth case considering other dating applications like Tinder. This is when you receive that final blow by finding out that your chosen one is actually having a profile on every dating application that he could find, offering sexual services freely. All in all, you get that feeling that you will remain, in fact, entirely forever alone.

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