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(Last Updated On: May 26, 2017)

There is no better way to discover some of the world’s best artist than by going to the largest photo sharing network – Instagram. It is a well know multimedia content sharing platform that allows its users to show off their creativity in the form of videos and photos.

Unsurprisingly, it is also a home of artists of all types. To some degree, Instagram became an online gallery where people display their own works of art and allow their followers to keep track and admire their work.

To tattoo artists, specifically, Instagram became a way to connect with their future models and a placeholder where they can boast with their hand-crafted art. Here you can discover the hottest tattoo masters from around the world and best of all – you can follow and interact with them as they create beautiful tattoos.

Nikko Hurtado

nikkohurtadoNikko Hurtado is an amazing artist that makes some of the best colour and black and white tattoos. His lifelike portraits almost feel real when you gaze into them. It is no wonder he currently has over 1.1 million followers.

Words really don’t do his portfolio justice – you have to see it for yourself in order to appreciate his talent.

Check his profile out and you will surely be amazed at the amount of details and dedication showing on every single one of his works!

Chaim Machlev

machlevChaim Machlev makes some of the most detailed and beautiful shapes and lines that combine symmetry and geometric patterns to make timeless art.

Rightfully using the handle “dotstolines” this artist plays and explores mathematical concepts and adapts them to the surface of the skin.

This unorthodox combination creates stunning designs that follow body contours and adhere to its natural shape.

There is so much beauty in this seemingly simplistic approach to tattoo art that it leaves viewers in awe. If you are looking for an unconventional design of your next body art – be sure to check this artist out!

Thomas Hooper

thomas-hooperThomas Hooper definitely pushes boundaries when it comes to the level of detail on each of his works! The surreal amount of dedication to smallest of details makes his tattoos truly stand out.

We can only imagine what kind of godly focus is needed to complete his work from beginning to end with such precision.

He uses simple shapes and intertwines those with more complex patterns to create a seemingly simple and yet incredibly layered graphic on the skin.

His works combine both symmetry and asymmetry in order to conform to the natural shape of the body.

This allows his works of art to feel almost machine made while still appearing very natural looking. Be sure to go to his page and browse through his works. You will surely be amazed!

B.J. Betts

B.J. Betts is the one to go to if you want to engrave words that mean something special to you. We like the fact that he doesn’t limit his art to words only.

You can expect all kinds of variety in design. Tattoo artists as versatile as him are rare and few so that definitely makes him unique and recognisable.

The transitions between beautiful lettering and graphics are seamless and fluid which results in some of the most amazing and organic looking designs.

Seeing some of his work will leave you with a feeling of surprise by how he manages to add depth to a two-dimensional tattoo!

Jay Freestyle

freestyleJay Freestyle is the perfect choice when you want to add colour to your body art! The truth of the matter is – most tattoo artists break the limits on what is possible with a black ink.

Few are masters of the art when it comes to using colour. Jay is certainly one of those few.

One look at his works and you will be left with a feeling that you are witnessing a seemingly impossible man-madetattoo! What he manages to achieve with his two hands goes beyond words. Changing skin into a canvas to make ethereal looking art is something not many can boast with.

Looking at his Instagram page you would easily think that he can make just about any type of form on the skin and turn it into a gorgeous canvas brimming with colours and life.

And you would be right. This artist definitely brings something new and fresh. We could go on and on about his impressive works so it’s best that you go and see for yourself all the things he is able to create!

Jo Harrison

joeharrisonJo Harrison could be described as being a tattoo artist who introduces new direction to a seemingly conventional design methodology. Her works are instantly recognisable by their level of detail and layered intricacy.

She starts with a simple form of a centrepiece object or shape and then proceeds to gradually add detail patterns that complete the whole image with all of its stacked complexity.

This unique approach creates a captivating graphic that draws the observer to track through a fluid, unravelling graphic, as if gazing into a moving picture that changes shape and colours with each part of its composition.

It is obvious that she can pretty much create anything on the skin that looks amazingly hypnotising and beautiful in the eye of the beholder.

It is the level of detail and the layered complexity of simple shapes that keeps drawing the observer deeper into the form. A true sign of a master artist for sure! Just go to her profile and witness her greatness – you will easily get lost in the beauty!


These artists are a small glimpse of what is possible to achieve and do by hand when creating works of art on the skin. It is no wonder that these masters of their craft get Instagram fans for free who follow their works with revered dedication.

Seeing what these highly creative individuals are capable of – it makes perfect sense. Their fans can get to stay in touch with them and also schedule their next visit to their tattoo salon in order to become a sort of a living and moving art.

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